Otto Bremer Trust awards $100,000 to JMA client working in child welfare advocacy.

Poehler Stremel Charitable Trust awards $2,000 to charter school serving minority and low-income students in the Twin Cities.

JMA secures $18,000 from Women’s Foundation for primary education client serving minority students.

JMA client connecting youth to STEM training awarded $40,000 from 3M Foundation.

Rochester Area Foundation awards $5,000 to JMA client working in youth STEM education.

JMA client preparing the next generation of STEM professionals awarded $10,000 from Ingersoll Rand Foundation.



Grow sustainably, demonstrate value, provide more services.

Capital Badge

J. Murphy & Associates provides tailored guidance and execution through all stages of your expansion, from feasibility to celebration. Additionally, communications expertise helps crystallize and amplify your message. We offer individual services or an integrated package.

Common campaign activities include:

• Capital campaign committee coordination and monitoring
• Lead-funder outreach and cultivation
• Quiet phase and public phase plan creation
• Event planning and logistics
• Print and digital communications targeting fundraisers at all levels, legislators, and the public
• Case statement development
• Grant template creation

As you consider and plan your capital campaign, JMA’s expertise will help you clarify external perceptions, refine objectives, and begin the critical task of nurturing potential donors, leaders, and volunteers. Incorporating stakeholder feedback at this stage helps position your campaign as compelling and urgent.

In the public phase, our services maximize awareness and donor cultivation. We offer guidance and monitoring for your staff, board and advisor resources to align all efforts toward success. Our strategic communications work helps you customize appeals while preserving authenticity to engage a diverse complement of institutional, public, corporate, and individual funders.

As you celebrate your capital campaign’s success, JMA will help you do so in a way that strengthens donor relationships, enhances your reputation, and positions your newly expanded programming for maximum impact.

Our flexible service offerings and collaborative approach allow you to engage JMA in a way that complements your existing resources — you only pay for what you need.