Employee Spotlight

Kathryn Withington - August Featured Employee

A highly motivated operations professional with a passion for customer service and community outreach.  Kathryn has over 12 years of leadership experience in a retail environment, with a proven track record of cultivating an inclusive team that exceeds customer expectations while achieving company profit goals.  Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communications at the University of North Dakota.

Briefly describe what you do in a day.

I work with my colleagues on the Communications, Individual Giving, and Events teams to ensure projects and assignments in those categories are progressing and meeting deadlines.

What is the best part of your job?

Seeing all the hard work and collaboration the JMA team puts into a project or event come to fruition.

What is your proudest moment at JMA?

Securing the speakers for the upcoming Community Conversation Series 3.0 session #2, it was very inspiring to learn how they all intersect, and the support within their organizations and the community that our client serves.

What are three words to describe yourself?

Dedicated, Patient, Ambitious

What’s one thing we wouldn’t necessarily know about you?

I was a manager at an Ace Hardware in high school learned how to mix paint, cut keys, and sharpen lawn mower blades. I did break a 6ft custom window once when I was helping a colleague cut glass – they never asked for my help in that department again.

What is the best meal you’ve had?

Buffalo Chicken anything, a wrap, flatbread, salad, pizza, sandwich – from literally anywhere!

Picture of Kathryn